Sugar With Love

I came into contact with this wonderful human being 4years ago and she changed my life, not only is she extremely talented but she is a truly inspiring and an amazing woman.

Leeann has been responsible for all our gorgeous toppers for every special event in our lives over the past 4 years from #PrincessMinions birthdays, to our parents’ milestone birthdays and of course our favourite our wedding toppers, made to perfection, with so much love and delivered with care. This year her wonderful designs will be gracing #PrincessMinions cake and I’m sure it will be yet again another show stopper.

This talented lady is a mom to two extremely busy boys, and boys who change their designs for their birthday cakes just as much as she has to change the colour pastes in her delicate figurines! This is what started her journey into the “Cake world”

Leeann started baking cakes in 2012, for her eldest sons first birthday, and her passion grew from there… love for her, is submerged in flour, ovens and colouring of fondant, but the creative in her wanted to push herself further and so she started with Figurines and Toppers.

Putting this on hold for 3years, and only in the beginning of 2015 decided to give it a go. To Leeann…. baking a cake is one thing, but creating a topper/figurine, a piece that can make a cake “pop” excites her.   Creating memories with sugar! She may say she has a lot to learn, but I definitely feel she has found her niche, a place where she can explore freely, create, design and produce a piece that she can most definitely be proud of.

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