What Gypsy dreams are made of

I discovered this beautifully talented lady 2years ago in my search for the perfect fairy sandals for my wedding day …this proved a difficult task as no one in cape town seems to even know what we are saying when we mention this. I searched facebook like a fat kid searching for cake and found … Juanita Kruger the talent behind Nefelibata. In the 2yrs of knowing one another we have formed an odd little friendship I trust her for all things different and highly recommend her to anyone who asks. She has done numerous projects for me and is currently busy with 3 new ones which I will post about as soon as I lay my hands on my precious new additions.

Nefelibata was born with the intentions of creating more affordable free spirited accessories. Each item is produced with care and as much love and beauty that is humanly possible. Juanita loves having her boundaries pushed (I myself pride myself on giving her new and interesting items to create for myself here at Laska Storm and for #Princessminion).

Her focus is always on 100% unique items to each client that she has be it a hair wrap, macramé jewelry, wallets or her signature saddle bags and my personal favourite, her fairy shoes and dreamcatchers. Nefelibata has an ever growing client and fan base and a growing list of new additions to their list of perfectly handcrafted items. Juanita does not shy away from a challenge but instead loves having her clients push her boundaries with new and exciting challenges.

If you love what you see, you can look her up or get in touch with her as follows:

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Juanita Kruger