Bucket List Tick

My husband and I have walked a long road together and with being together so long you tend to talk about dreams and wishes a lot and yes some may remain just that but others become a pleasant reality which having said that we got to add to our list of ticks our Garden Route Trip.

Let’s start off by saying both my husband and I have spent a fair amount of our childhoods traveling the garden route however have never ever made this trip together and after 12 years of talking about it and all those nights chatting up sunrises daydreaming about owning farmland and living in Knysna we finally got to experience it together.

So I’m a complete control freak so you can imagine to my utter surprise and horror when I received a phone call from my better half telling me he has booked a trip for our 1 year anniversary, and instructed that I was not allowed to pack for myself, or where we were going… for someone like me this equals a slow death.

With much protesting and whining I gave in and off we set on our trip at the lovely hour at 5am just so we could #chasesunrise and let me tell you it was so worth it.

Our first stop was Du Toit Kloof pass to see the sleeping city below us was spectacular, we then swiftly made our way to Heidelberg for the most amazing breakfast at the Blue Crane Farm Shop, not only was the food all home grown and homemade but the staff were absolutely amazing and friendly Pippa and her mom were truly hospitable.

Having stuffed our faces we were off on the road again (QUEUE WILLY NELSON), now for a long trip like this ensure to have a good playlist (we failed at this and ended up listening to the same 500 songs for 3 days) car games ( 20 questions works fantastic for this) and a lot of patience for your partners driving (we struggle here).

6hrs later a few stops, much laughter we finally arrived at the mystery location and let’s just say my husband after 12years cannot surprise me much but he truly knocked it out of the park …



CLIFFHANGER COTTAGES has to be the most amazing and most well-kept secret of the garden route, upon arrival we were greeted by Ingrid, Barry and shown to our little cottage, it took me a few minutes to catch my breath after seeing the view from our little place on the cliff, even the shower had a view (we will spare the naughty details).

We treated ourselves to a braai for two on the deck watching the sunset, only to wake up to waffles and #beanies coffee for breakfast with a spectacular view of sunrise from our window seat.

Needing a break from eating and lazing about we set off early morning to Knysna picked up some supplies and headed off to the Garden Route National park to do a short trail hike, do yourself a favour when you are there spend the 40 bucks and leave super early and have a picnic by the waterfall.

Having spent all day forest walking we rewarded ourselves with Champers and a cheese platter, got ourselves ready and headed off to have our anniversary dinner… this we did not book …we decided to wing it …!

We found ourselves at THE TURBINES ISLAND CAFÉ where we had a feast …not realizing this was 5 star until we opened the drinks menu …hunters was all that fit our budgets, however I devised a plan fueled by too much champagne and fresh air from earlier in the day and suggested to my husband to propose because you know people love that stuff and we were sure to be given a free bottle of Moet …let’s just save the embarrassment and say it went sideways but he did propose (got to love my man)

A little tipsy and extremely full we set off to PLETTENBERG BAY to walk on the beach not anticipating the cold we literally stood on the beach for all of 10secs and hot tailed it back to the car.

Our final morning was a sad one, both of us dragging our feet not wanting to leave.

THE JOURNEY HOME was long and torturous, with both of us losing the plot a few times, this was my fault, I had to have us drive to JEFFREY’s BAY to buy me another pair of Andy’s UGGs (I own 6 pairs) needless to say we drove there got lost twice and I ended up sulking in the car sans my pretty grey UGGs (come December we are definitely going back for my UGGS) (YOU KNOW HAPPY WIFE, HAPPY LIFE)

It took us 9hrs to get home, 4 pies, 4 monsters, 2 sticks of biltong, 1 slab of chocolate and a lot of cigarettes (disgustingly unhealthy I know)

Needless to say it was by far the best experience we’ve had in our 12years together and one we will be laughing about for many years to come.

Below you can find all the details of everywhere we went.