The transition from girl to woman

Not many understand the sheer amount of emotional turmoil one endures when one becomes a woman or into her own.

I like to think of it more as unbecoming one self.

As a girl you are completely and utterly at the mercy of the world, society and of course our mothers, fathers, partners and peers ….each one of these people having a completely different effect on your personality and fashion sense.

All women will go through three prominent experimental phases with their clothing and personalities and only truly settle on one identity only once they’ve really reached 25, until then we experiment away.

These three phases are quite general as some women go further than others depending on the influences of the above mentioned and with each phase comes new additions to their personalities.

For me, my phases were gothic , grunge and bohemian/hippy but for the most part I’ve always been drawn to all things gypsy since my childhood days so I would vary off to other styles but always find myself right back at my core or find myself mixing genres into one another. I had mad love for Stevie Nicks (still do) and the likes of Taylor Dayne , Kate Bush and Cristina Scabbia growing up and tried daily to channel my inner star , twirling for days in the lounge with my sister.

For me music was more of an influence for my personal style than anything else, I wanted to be a fashion icon in the rock world.

From the age of 13 to 16 I did the “I am so emo, I am so goth, I hate the world and everyone in it …pout …pout …sulk …sulk” I then swiftly and to my parents relief moved onto all things grunge which even now I still dabble with, I finally hit 18 and being a working girl and finally able to buy all my own clothes I went full steam ahead into everything bohemian. Finally I had a style that matched my personality.

I slowly stopped trying to fit in and instead dressed to make me happy

Now at the ripe “young” age of 28 I find I love mixing it up pairing grungy outfits with bohemian accessories and amazon hair. My personality is governed by stubbornness and rebellion so I hate trends and will always find a way to make it my own. I love finding pieces that are forever and can be worn effortlessly (there is nothing more unattractive than a woman uncomfortable in her clothes)
Style is funny like that, it is basically a direct reflection of your personality, hence some people lack style *insert laughter* (await backlash in comments)

To conclude my thoughts on a woman’s transition, stop following trends instead focus on showcasing your personality through your style, don’t let your clothes wear you, wear your clothes.

And always remember to just have fun, what is fashion anyway if one cannot have fun with it?!