Our Bodies, Our Temples

Tattoo artistry is a highly controversial topic; lucky for you I’m obsessed with all things off limits.

My love affair for tattoos started at a very young age and hasn’t yet come to a grinding halt. I’m pretty sure if #mygorgeousone and Ricardo from RICK INK OFFICIAL left me to my own devices, I would look like a black blob roaming the streets barefoot and ridiculously happy.

Now we all know cheap ink is really really bad ink, and believe me I’ve been on the receiving end of this sad tale 3 times. I’ve spent the better part of a decade getting inked and searching for the best artist around town! Fast forward a few years and I found him, I’m proud to say both myself and #mygorgeousone are devoted RICK INK OFFICIAL ADDICTS.

Now when one gets tattooed, you need to look for 3 key things in an artist:

1: Their Dedication

2: Are they inked themselves?

3: Their Portfolio

All of which, Ricardo Da Silva Cunha, of RICK INK OFFICIAL possesses in abundance.

I wish someone had told me this at 16 years old; I would’ve saved myself many years of trauma, bad ink and cover ups.

RICK INK OFFICIAL started out as INK69, one night with a homemade tattoo gun and a couple of willing friends. Fast forward a few years and we now have one of Cape Town’s best young tattoo artists.

RICK INK OFFICIAL specializes in Portrait work, but his talents stretch far across the ink spectrum.

Ricardo’s talent and passion for his craft far surpasses that of our more seasoned artists, and yet is still the most humble human being I have had the pleasure of knowing. Going in for a session is always exciting as he makes you feel at home, has continuous chit chats and laughs and completely makes you forget you are on a table with a couple of needles pricking into your skin. Ricardo works so gently and quickly, many times I walk out of his studio wondering how on earth he’s managed to create such an amazing piece of art in a short space of time.

Although this truly amazing artist is in his infancy of his career, his portfolio boasts work of an artist skill far beyond the amount of time he has spent in his trade.

RICK INK OFFICIAL is currently in the process of launching their apparel range, with custom designs by Ricardo. Watch this space!

You are able to view Ricardo’s work on his Facebook and Instagram pages. If you like what you see, be in contact, you won’t be disappointed!

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