Mini Stylista

While following Laska Storm you will find out that I am a doting mom to an extremely strong willed, vivacious little terrorist who we like to refer to as #PrincessMinion or #Mommystinyterrorist.

Now for all fellow fashion designers/stylists/fashion addicts or general trendsetters when you find out you are with child you cannot wait to hear it’s a little girl , you secretly hope/wish/pray that it is …I mean you will be ok with a little boy but when that doctor confirms you are carrying a little pink gendered bean you throw a tiny party in your uterus  or in my case ,almost cause your divorce, by buying out the entire pink and white collection in every boutique , along with 1000 pairs of shoes, bows, accessories and tiny twinning it mommy and me outfits …(shameful , I know …#MyGorgeousONe works extremely hard at not hanging me up by my steve madden shoelaces)

So fast forward almost 4yrs and we’ve hit the “I’m not a baby, I’m a big girl phase” which means mommy can no longer dress me. I cried, yes I did, and then I put on my big girl panties and decided to embrace this current milestone.

Now let’s just make one thing clear some days I have to contain my laughter at #PrincessMinions #ootd while other days I stand their looking at her through tear glistened eyes at how outstandingly trendy she can be… (I would like to think she got it from her mama…but then again I fail at this trend thing daily)
I live to shop for my little mini me, filling her cupboards with so many pretty items she is spoiled for choice.

I don’t believe in gender appropriate nonsense so her style ranges from awesome batman outfits (cape and all) to pretty fairy dresses with beautiful bows to match. She even owns her very own little handbag and jewelry collection which she matches to her little outfits of choice and makes sure to always have her “lipstick”, purse and sunglasses with her.

Some knock me for allowing my little girl to be allowed to make her own choices, and yes it’s not for the faint hearted raising a child to be independent of you from a young age but I believe we are not here to impose on them our likes, beliefs or mantras but instead we are here to guide these tiny humans into becoming themselves, whatever that may be.

Don’t get me wrong there are days I want to stick her in a basket and send her down the river and there are plenty of days where I think maybe I’m failing and I should spank, reprimand every little thing she does but in truth I get over it, some days the views of others makes me doubt myself but then I think it’s my kid should I not be allowed the choice to raise her as I please?!

How does this tie into fashion?, well being a parent kind of is like a daily dress up , put your best face on , pick your weapon of choice , hope for the best and if you fail today well there is always tomorrow to try again.

So I say raise your little humans to be their own, let them rock their gumboots with princess dresses or batman t-shirts with tutus, let them paint their nails and then dig up the dirt in the garden, let them eat organic , then let them pig out on chocolate for breakfast.

Raising mini stylistas is hard work but so worth it when all your hard work is returned with loving kisses and I love you and best of all when you think you’ve truly failed you hear them saying please, thank you , see them clean their toys up on their own and ask to assist you with whatever you are doing.

Raise them wild, raise them to be rainbow warriors, raise them to be free thinkers and raise them well-mannered and in the process don’t give a damn about what anyone has to say …now that is being a parent to Mini Stylista.


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